Scheherazade and George Maas on Mercury









Everything I have that is Scheherazade on Mercury records. The first one, the drawn one, is signed Maas. Most of the rest could be Maas covers. He worked for Mercury for a long time, and the bulk of his work is a photo or reproduction in a moderately interesting layout. I am not a sound buff, but I think the early monophonic Mercury classical records have a lovely sound quality, and this first one may be my favorite Scheherazade musically. If anyone would like to point me towards another Scheherazade that I should listen to more closely for the music, please do.

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2 Responses to Scheherazade and George Maas on Mercury

  1. wlewis3 says:

    interestingly, the “exotic girl in headdress’ pic was a case where Mercury redid the cover of their 1954 (approx) mono recording with the MSO match the cover that was used on the later Stereo rerecording with the MSO. Mercury never produced a mono-mixdown of the stereo recording.

  2. I’m constantly astounded by the depth of your album collection and deeply appreciate your taking the time to compile and post so many fascinating covers. Although it consists strictly of my personal opinions, in response to your request you might be interested in an article on some historically- and stylistically-significant recordings of Scheherazade that I’ve posted at: Thanks again for your amazing work!

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