Capitol Records in the 1950s

Everything that I have collected on Capitol just for the covers.  I love some Steve Miller Band covers, but own those for the music.  But these are just for the covers.  The most remarkable one is the Salvador Dali, with a picture of Jackie Gleason with Dali in a photo op.  Think of this as a large print run Dali print.  Is Dali the most famous artist to ever design a cover, or would that be Andy Warhol?

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6 Responses to Capitol Records in the 1950s

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    I would guess Warhol is currently more “famous” than Dali. Is the Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals cover a Jim Flora design. Could it be?

    • recordcovers says:

      I have no idea how one would measure famous-ness. Perhaps by asking people standing in line at McDonald’s who they have heard of. I am pretty sure Carnival of the Animals is not Flora. It is not signed or I would have mentioned who signed it.

  2. Paul Morris says:

    I noticed that Flora resemblance, too. The Villa-Lobos cover is nice as well.

  3. lylefrancisdelp says:

    This is not Flora’s style, but I recognize it from somewhere. I wish I could remember.

  4. lylefrancisdelp says:

    Based on comparative covers, I believe the artist for the Saint-Saens/Ibert LP to be Robert Guidi.

  5. scottlindberg says:

    Jim Flora’s estate has definitely stated that the Carnival of Animals is NOT his work, if any further clarification is needed (it’s probably not, though).

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