Designers: George Maas

Another great designer was George Maas. He is a lot more obscure than Alex Steinweiss. He designed 100s of covers for London, Mercury, and others from the 1940s into at least the 1960s. His greatest period was the early 1950s, on Mercury. Here are two of those, one of them with a color variant.

1 Response to Designers: George Maas

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Nice covers. There’s a certain similarity – at least in the ‘Rite of Spring’ cover to Jim Flora’s art. Jim was, of course, another of Steinweiss’ recruits to Columbia before Steinweiss went freelance.
    And on the subject of Stravinsky, I particularly like Steinweiss’ two covers for ‘The Firebird’; the first on Columbia in 1947 and the second for Decca seven years later. Both in my opinion, superior to the Maas version you show here.
    Note: I’d post pictures of them if I knew how.

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