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the next few Plymouth/Merit covers by Curt John Witt

Two of them twice, with slightly different covers.

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Beethoven piano sonatas, cover by Witt

Final post for today: Beethoven piano sonatas in various color variants on Merit and Plymouth-Merit. I don’t like this cover design as much as the last two, but I do like that it exists in different colors and shades.

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Dvorak New World, cover by Witt

Not as strikingly different as the covers of the Grieg Piano Concerto, but still quite a nice little range. There are probably a few more color variants, plus a release on Masque.

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Grieg Piano Concerto, cover by Witt

If there is one thing I truly love, other than family, friends, knowledge, God and country, and my ancient religious-ethnic group, it is multiple covers of the same piece of music. Here, where some of these covers are minor variations … Continue reading

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More early Plymouth and Plymouth-Merit

One of these, Cesar Franck, is designed by Einhorn. If you know who Einhorn is, please let me know. The rest are Curt John Witt, my second favorite designer, possibly because his works look like cut-rate Steinweiss. ca. 1951-1952.

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Plymout, Merit, and Plymouth Merit, early 1950s

Curt John Witt designed a large percentage of the covers on Plymouth/Merit ca 1950 to 1954. Another budget label, the music of dubious origin. But nice covers, if cheap. The same works showed up on Remington.

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Parade records, ca. 1960 – Probably Curt John Witt

Another budget label, Parade. These covers look remarkably like the work of Alex Steinweiss, but I am reasonably certain he never did any work for Parade. Curt John Witt’s work often looked a lot like Steinweiss’, and he always worked … Continue reading

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a steinweiss, and a steinweiss scrawl

The Decca one is a late Steinweiss. I have never seen one that looked just like this. The Columbia one is way too late to have been designed by Steinweiss. But they used his font for the cover, Steinweiss scrawl. … Continue reading

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