The miscellaneous covers from my collection from the letters D,E and F.  David Stone Martin covers for Dial can be highly collectible, if they contain jazz records.  This one is for classical. I love the Tunisian one, Ennasham records.  I would love to see the whole series.  The Folkways cover is illustrated by Ben Shahn.  One of the most famous serious artists to do record covers, along with Warhol, Albers and Dali.  All of whom have shown up here at some point.

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H to L

A few covers I have collected on labels starting with H to L.  The first one is on Hi-Infidelity.  This company put out joke record jackets with no records in them.  If you want to see more of them, go to: https://musiceureka.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/hi-infidelity-records-complete-series/

The other really interesting one here is the Calvin Jackson jazz record on Liberty.  The material is velvet.  There have been other velvet covers, and aluminum foil, and probably other strange materials.

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Motivation records with covers by Leo Lionni, designer/illustrator of children’s books.  Monitor was a short lived classical/foreign label, many great covers.  One of these is by Ernest Socolov.  Music Minus One had some great covers.  MGM had very few nice covers in my opinion.

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P’s, R’s, T’s – covers from the 50s and 60s

A bunch more covers that I bought for the cover, because I liked them for some reason.  Period records- generic, then a really nice use of a classic painting.   Philips – Jean Cocteau 1963.  Really?  Parliament – another Reid Miles proving he was more than a layout artist.  Another Parliament – S.Maidoff, imitating Josef Albers.  Parade – the artist is Alessandro.  I like the different colors.  Re-Jak-It – sold covers to people so they could move their records to new covers.  This is the only one I have seen.  Sonodor – W. Dressler and Joe Krush missing the point of the novel.  Stand – Eleanor Steber 1962.  Time – Murry Stein 1960.  Tico – LeeMyles / Sandoval – Lee Myles is a big name in covers.

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Automatic spelling correction

Ah, automatic spelling correction.  I type lps, the program decides I meant laps (as below) or ups, or God knows what.

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Tops, Unicorn, Urania Records

The only two records on Tops that I have ever seen for which the covers were remotely interesting.  The only Unicorn record I have ever seen.  Two laps on Urania, another decent classical label from the 1950s.  I especially like the Slavonic Dances one, and that it exists in two color variants.  If these were postage stamps, one of these covers would be worth a fortune.

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Vox records in the 1950s, everything I have collected

A few generic designs from their earliest days.  A wonderful use of a still from the movie with Robbie the Robot.  But mostly some really great, fun designs.  The Silvano Tintori designs are among the best designs to my taste that I have ever seen.  All from the 1950s, the silver age of record cover designs.  By the time I was cognizant of Vox, early 1970s, they were a discount label.  A fall from a mighty position.

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