Next: a collection of 1950s designs

The next section of my collection of record covers is this: designs I like that don’t fit any other pattern I have shown. In other words, these are covers that aren’t by a particular designer I have already mentioned, and that aren’t on a label that I particularly like. This post is Zondervan and Word – religious labels. Most designs on these two companies are remarkably vernacular. But these few I really like. Word is a big label, 1000s of releases over a long period. Most of those are serviceable, one can tell what kind of music it is, but no one would hang it on the wall. These few covers, from an early period, are reminiscent of designs on more major labels of the period, and are reasonably beautiful.

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The last Grand Awards: some reissues

These are various reissues of Grand Award music from the 1950s.

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Grand Award Odds and Ends, and a Steinweiss

A Steinweiss on London that I don’t think I ever posted. Grand Awards numbered in the 500s, 600s and a 900, and 3 samplers. Children of Paris is a wonderful boxed set, lots of Tracy Sugarman illustrations.

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Grand Award Records 400s

The next few Grand Awards, the last ones I have with catalog numbers in the 400s. A wide range of illustrator: Tracy Sugarman, Caspar Pinsker Jr, S Neil Fujita, the first appearance of Charles E Murphy, Geismar, Hoffman, Jerry Smith. As usual, the music is not to my taste. But the humor of Dayton Allen is still pretty good.

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More Grand Award records

The next bunch. The first few GA 400s are clearly a different series from all the others, being sampler albums.

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Finally, the next few Grand Awards

The next few, some Tracy Silverman drawings and some Elmer Wexler.
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The next 12 Grand Award covers













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