all my remaining Columbia Masterworks, over more than 20 years

Every field of music has some good covers, no matter how you define “good”. I generally like beauty over cleverness. Not all of these are beautiful, some are just by famous cartoonists or illustrators or painters. Henrietta and Cliff Condak, Edward Sorrel, Ben Shahn are all quite famous. Gray Foy isn’t, I guess, but was sure a great illustrator. The vast majority of classical records coming out in this 20 year period, 1955 to 1975, were dull – pictures of the conductor, the soloist or the composer, or reproductions of paintings from long ago. But in every era, for every school of music, there are good covers.

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  1. Paul Clarke says:

    Am I having fun? You bet I am. I went to my local antique shop (so full of stuff you can’t browse a tenth of the record collection) and found Gray Foy’s cover for ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice'(Columbia). The co-owner said her brother would be back in a few minutes so I waited to see if he could clear some room for browsing. Unfortunately he returned with a truck full of antiques and since the BIG snow is coming tomorrow (today now) he could not help me out, but was curious to see the three albums I had found. When he saw the Foy he asked why I choose it and my reply was ‘I’m a New York Philharmonic fan and that I liked the art work on the cover. He replied that he had the 45 with the same cover and was I interested? I said ‘yes’ trying to figure out what from this LP would fit onto a 45. Turns out it was a Philips microgroove 45 with the Dukas on one side and Weinberger on the other. The Columbia cover is well worn but still strong, the Philips is sharp and very strong. Oh what fun it is to browse on the eve of a snowy day.

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