the first appearance of columbia stickers

first, shellackophile contributed the following comment:
YI, All these covers originally appeared as 78 sets – MM-631, MM-697, MM-584, MM-603 and MM-621. By which he means ML-4010, 4012, 4014 4015 and 4016. Then, a new contributor points out that the signature on Dream Time Music reads “Maguire”. Thanks to both of you for your help.
Columbia first started issuing lps in 1948. One way they used to put out a lot of product on the new, untried medium was to use generic covers, which I have been showing. Those continue into the ML4100s. Columbia also put out very heavy cardboard stock with huge lettering and a sticker in an upper corner to illustrate the record. Often this sticker was a simplified version of the 78 rpm set cover. This is my lowest numbered Columbia sticker set – ML 4068. I also show this lp with a Steinweiss cover. Many of the stickers are simplifications of Steinweiss covers, but I have also seen Darill Connelly. This one looks like Connelly. I don’t know what the 78 set looks like. Finally, Steinweiss’ design for the Grand Canyon Suite is a beautiful thing, that translates well onto the lp version.

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