Serkin plays the Emperor Concerto, 78 set and lp issues

We now begin the Columbia Masterworks lps – classical composed music with prefixes of ML. Many of the earliest ones are reissues of 78 sets, or came out contemporaneously with a 78 rpm version. I have a lot more Columbia MLs with Steinweiss covers than I have pops CLs. Many early MLs came out with generic covers picturing a column. I assume Steinweiss designed these – if he did they are just about the worst designs he ever did. I think the generics existed so they could rush out a lot of product while holding back costs until they saw if lps would take off.
Here is Columbia M/MM 500 78 rpm set repeated, and its reissue on lp. There is a generic version and with a cover that modifies the M/MM cover. It is a fun enough cover. I doubt Hipgnosis had seen it when they designed Dark Side of the Moon – Thorgerson clearly doesn’t know record covers of the 1940s, as shown in his otherwise great book Classic Record Covers of the 1960s.

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