My idea of fun – Columbia MM785 and its LP ML4096 in various covers

I now revisit one of the Steinweiss 78 rpm 12 inch set covers. A fun but not great design in my opinion. What makes it worth showing again are 5 different covers it came out under as an LP. Two are generic in different colors, possibly a Steinweiss design but so uninteresting as to be not worth caring who designed it. Two with a sticker on a semi-generic very heavy stock cardboard cover. I love these stickers, many of them are simplifications of Steinweiss designs and I have also seen Darrill Connelly ones. Finally, the cover that reproduces the 78 set in full size. I have no idea what order these came out in. I imagine this same music was reissued later on Harmony or Entre, but I have no idea.

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