Various covers pre-1965, labels A… and B…

As I said in the post about Zondervan and Word, I will buy a cover if I like it for some reason.  These covers have nothing else in common.  Two of them are generic – I often acquire a cover that is completely generic like this Angel and the dull one by Prokofiev.  The Audio-Fidelity is the only one of theirs that I bought for the cover and kept long enough to scan.  Passport to China has  a cover by Reid Miles.  If one collected covers because they were by Reid Miles, one would be competing with all the Blue Note collectors who like hard bop jazz, and the cost to get them would be astonishing.  Reid Miles’ early work is wonderful, and no one cares about it.  Finally, the last three on Boston records make American Recording Society look like a successful label.  These are all the Boston Records I have ever seen.  I don’t much like them, and picked them up only because the designs are by a cousin of mine, Jacob Landau.  I went to a show of his work at the State Museum of Art in Trenton, New Jersey.  He showed a few of his covers.  I don’t much like his paintings either.  I think art should be beautiful.


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