American Recording Society and Peter Piening

In my introduction to this blog, I stated that I was a completist on certain designers and on certain labels.  One of the labels I mentioned was American Recording Society.  This was an early 1950s label that specialized in contemporary American composed music composers.  All of the signed covers are signed by the designer Peter Piening, and I think he did almost all of the unsigned ones as well.  ARS catalogue numbers are very simple: ARS 1, ARS 2, ARS 3, etc., and the numbers do not distinguish between 10 inch and 12 inch disks, but I have done so in the names I gave the files.  These are the ones I have between 1 and 14.  Taken as a whole, some wonderful designs.  Some of these I have the original design and a redesign.  I don’t have any idea how often that happened.

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5 Responses to American Recording Society and Peter Piening

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Some of these are really lovely. I have never heard of Peter Piening, but he obviously did some great stuff! Thanks for posting!

  2. scottlindberg says:

    I’m very interested in Peter Piening’s work, and also collect American Recording Society releases. Besides Piening, ARS releases also include covers designed by Seymour Nydorf (ARS5), among others. I’m looking forward to seeing what you uncover!

  3. scottlindberg says:

    Oops … that should be … sorry about that.

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