the next ten Grand Award records










Ten more Grand Award covers – Tracy Sugarman the artist, who did the layout of this cover is unknown to me.

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2 Responses to the next ten Grand Award records

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Lovely late fifties artwork spoilt, in my opinion, by the frames. Check Klaus Voormann’s first covers for Coral Records’ series of EPs entitled “Pioneers of Jazz” for a similar style of drawing. I wonder if Klaus had seen these Grand Award covers. Probably not as they weren’t easily available in Europe.

    • recordcovers says:

      Rockdoc – thanks. I looked at your post on Voormann.

      Great stuff. Especially those PIoneers of Jazz, a wonderful series. Reminded me of the work David Anstey would do in the early 70s for Savoy Brown records. As for those Grand Award frames, I have a love/hate thing about them. They are better than the same drawings when the same company used them under the name Waldorf Music Hall. And I love series covers. But they are also kind of annoying. I keep imagining the same covers drawings with different graphics around them, and imagine they could be a lot better.

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