some miscellaneous records










In collecting the things I do collect, occasionally I come across something totally unrelated that just strikes my fancy. I keep these around for years, wondering what to do with them. So, finally, I am scanning in a few of these miscellany and posting them. Each of these has a different story to tell. Three of them are gospel. Brother Bob, London Parris, the Happy Goodmans. Parris cracks me up – did his parents really name him London Parris? Brother Bob looks do-it-yourself. All three of them signal the type of music enclosed by using a trope that makes sense to their intended audience. Vernacular record design: lets you know at least what kind of music is contained.

The one called Grey Fox presents could be anything. It turns out to be songs in Hebrew or Yiddish. This may be the worst cover I have ever seen.

The one on TopRank is generic elevator music. What makes it interesting, if anything does, is that the cover is die cut, there is a round hole with a foil insert. Usually, records like this don’t spend that much on the packaging.

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