Grand Award records: the ones I actually listen to

GA-206SD-BobbyByrne-TracySugarman GA-207SD-BobbyByrne-ElmerWexler GA-225SD-GreatThemes-TracySugarman GA-33-310-DixielandJazz-DavidStoneMartin GA-33-313-Dixieland-ArthurShilstone GA-33-315-RexStewart-TracySugarman GA-33-331-PeanutsHucko-DavidStoneMartin GA-33-333-Swingin30s-TracySugarman GA-33-334-AfterHours-ArthurShilstone GA-33-344-CharlieMargulis-TracySugarman GA-33-366-BobbyByrne-TracySugarman GA-33-381-BobbyByrne-ElmerWexler-red GA-33-381-BobbyByrne-ElmerWexler GA-33-382-BobbyByrne-TracySugarman GA-33-392-GreatThemes-TracySugarman

As I have said before, Command records had taste in music that did not coincide with mine.  This was true of the precursor labels as well – Waldorf and Grand Award.  But there are exceptions.  After Hours, the ten inch version on Waldorf, was repackaged with extra material as After Hours on Grand Award.  And it remains a great record to these ears.  Here I show the covers from all the Grand Award records that I ever listen to. I keep them categorized with Swing, between Goodman, Benny and Herman, Woody.  There are some great moments.  They also introduce the basic Grand Award cover design – the false frame around an illustration by a commercial artist of the time – Tracy Sugarman, Elmer Wexler, Arthur Shilstone, David Stone Martin.  I find the covers to individually not be all that incredible.  But taken as a group, they make a wonderful display of graphics.

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