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I just finished posting everything I have on Command Records. The Command label was the inheritor of a company that started ca. 1950 under the name Waldorf Music Hall. So I am now going to go back and pick up the Waldorf records and the Grand Award records that followed Waldorf and preceded Command. As I have said before, Command did not, in my opinion, make its reputation nor sales on its music. I consider this entire company saga to be the perfect proof of the importance of graphic design. Waldorf was a budget label, mostly 10 inch records. A couple of good illustrators did some of the drawings. The covers are a little higher quality in design and materials than other budget labels of the time period. Over time the company realized that graphics works, put more and more effort into graphics, and sold the company in 1959 (or so I have read). If they had had as bad packaging as some of their competitors, they would not have succeeded as well as they did. The music is still mostly terrible, but the designs get better and better. Some of these covers have art by Tracy Sugarman, who will show up a lot in the next few months. I am not sure TH1 is Waldorf, I don’t have the lp itself, and there is nothing on the back cover.

This is all the 12 inch Waldorfs in my collection. The 10 inch ones are next.

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  1. Paul Morris says:

    Interesting label that was new to me. The ones that appealed to me are the first one with the sousaphones, the drawing for The Bells Are Ringing, and 18 Top Hits. Tracy Sugarman has never done much for me. Reminds me too much of LeRoy Neiman. Good point about the role of design in the evolution of a label.

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