and yet more command records










The Command catelog is the greatest disconnect between great cover design and lousy music in all of recorded sound. Every once in a while I try to play one, and I never like the music. Eventually, starting around 1966, this is not the case for all of them anymore. Of course, both graphics and music are a matter of taste, and there must be people out there who liked the Command sound. On the other hand, I have NEVER seen a Command record in bad condition. The type of person who bought them either never played them or had great stereo equipment. Compare that to a hip label of the same time period – VeeJay, say, or King – finding a VeeJay record at a thrift shop for 25 cents in great condition is impossible. So perhaps people only bought Command records for the covers?

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1 Response to and yet more command records

  1. Paul Morris says:

    That’s very funny what you say about the condition of Command records, and very true, now that I think about it. Sometimes I’ll buy Command covers, and the discs are really spotless when I toss them out. Thanks for posting the George Giusti covers, which are less dated than some of the Command artists.

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