scheherazade on telefunken in the US

Scheherazade-TelefunkenLGX66018-Andre-box Scheherazade-TelefunkenLGX66018-Andre-inside Scheherazade-TelefunkenTC8011-Andre Scheherazade-TelefunkenTC8042-Schmidt Scheherazade-TelefunkenTCS18042-Schmidt

Telefunken made an effort to break into the American market in the 1950s.  The first one of these is a box set, except there is only one disk in it.  Very high quality packaging, I show the box cover and the inner sleeve cover.  Then they reissued that record.  One of the great things about collecting these Scheherazades was learning all the strange marketing approaches that went on in the field of classical music.

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