10 covers for the same recording












These are all covers for Ansermet conducting the Paris Conservatory Orchestra playing R-K’s Scheherazade. Two on British Decca, the rest on American London, the same company. More than 20 years of keeping this recording in print. It strikes me that the earliest covers were too early to have a stereo version, so perhaps Ansermet conducted the piece twice. The back liner notes are the same on all of them that have liner notes.

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6 Responses to 10 covers for the same recording

  1. There are 3 recordings with the Orchestre de la Société des Conservatoire and Ernest Ansermet:

    – only mono 29 mai – 2 june 1948, Maison de la Mutualité, Paris

    – mono AND stereo (one of the 1st Decca-recordings in mono and stereo) 22./23.09.1954, Paris, Salle de la Mutualité

    More details, see http://renegagnaux.ch/14601/45501.html.


  2. wlewis3 says:

    The first Ansermet/PCO recording of Scheherazade: (London LL or LLP-6 / Decca Decca LXT 2508 / Ace of Clubs ACL 153 (you may need to look for another cover, its a B&W reprint of the color cover of the 1954 recording)) was made in 1948 (per Naxos, who issued on CD). The second (Pierre Nerini, solo violin) was made in 22 – 26 September 1954 (one of the early Decca/London Stereos). That is London LL-1162 (mono), no CM series number, CS-6018 (stereo) / Decca LXT5082 (mono), SXL 2086 (stereo)/ Richmond stereo S-29086, mono B-19086 (probably this recording) / Stereo Treasury Series STS-15126. This was reissued in the Eloquence Ansermet series and in the EMI Great Conductors CD series

  3. wlewis3 says:

    It appears that Decca reused their LXT-2508 cover for the LXT_5082 issue, just changed the background color. London didnt even bother to do that for the original mono edition of the 1954 recording, it just changed the catalog number. When London renumbered everything and redid the cover art into the CM/CS series on the introduction of stereo LPs, certain LL-series monos didnt get assigned a CM 9000 series equivalent even though they did get Stereo CS-6000 series numbers. It appears this recording was one of those. There may be an additional Ace of Diamonds reissue of the 1954 recording for you to also look for. I dont have a listing of those.

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