A few albums with Scheherazade excerpts on them





I collect full recordings of Scheherazade by R-K, and Sheherazade by Ravel. I also collect albums that have any piece of Scheherazade on them. I am trying to get a picture of the time when the whole culture had a shared set of musical knowledge, which can be called middle-brow taste. The great music critic Terry Teachout wrote an essay on this once.

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1 Response to A few albums with Scheherazade excerpts on them

  1. G. Martin says:

    Thank you for the Scheherazade album covers. I only regret not being able to decipher the presumably pseudonymous artists on some of the smaller labels. I am particularly interested in collecting old Scheherazade (and Dvorak “New World” Symphony) recordings on “minor” labels. If you haven’t yet done so, you might want to sample the Scheherazade covers at rediscovery.us. Just look under “Gallery.”

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