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I did not realize until I started posting these on this blog that Columbia was the worst single label for putting a pretty woman on the cover of Scheherazade. As I said before, it is reasonable to interpret the entire Scheherazade story as a comment on the horrible position of women in an Islamic kingdom. So to put a woman on the cover as an enticement is kind of sleazy. No other label did this as often as Columbia.

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2 Responses to More Columbia records covers

  1. wlewis3 says:

    1950’s & 1960’s advertising style seemed to HAVE to include a bit of cheesecake to be noticed by anyone other than housewives, who I dont think were the record-buying public at that time, especially of classical music. Car shows always had models standing by cars. The less interesting the product, the more a beautiful woman helped to boost sales by being part of the marketing.

    • recordcovers says:

      Certainly true. I made it a cause even when I was young never to buy a record that was marketed with a pretty woman on the cover, as I always assumed this meant the music was no good. I even extended this to Roxy Music – I don’t think their covers are an ironic comment on anything. In general I don’t object to pretty women on covers, I would just like to see them credited. I have plenty of covers that tell one who the photographer is, the fashion designer, the hair stylist, but not the woman herself. But I do have an objection to using women to market Scheherazade, because Scheherazade is all about the powerlessness of women in Islam. On the other hand, whoever was artistic director at CBS in the early 1960s is not to be faulted, as you say it was the times.

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