three new acquisitions – Steinweiss





I am trying, or at least wishing I was trying, to get rid of my Steinweiss collection. Nevertheless, I cannot resist obtaining a new Steinweiss, once in a while. I pass up a few that are mediocre, but I buy a few if I love them. Of these, I probably don’t love the London one, but it is nice. The other two are great. Babes in Toyland is one of the very inventive photographic covers that Steinweiss did from ca. 1958 to some time in the early to mid 1960s. The other one is a revelation – Jesse Crawford, Sweet Hour of Prayer. I never would have guessed it for Steinweiss if it had not been signed. And the signature is Piedra Blanca, a familiar Steinweiss signature, but it is not the usual Piedra Blanca.

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  1. Paul Morris says:

    The hand on the Jesse Crawford is typical Steinweiss style–long, straight fingers. Used many times as the conductor’s hand with a baton.

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