scheherazade on Acorn and Alshire








Rather than continue with recordings by cover designer, I am now going to post my collection of record covers related to Scheherazade. Most of these are recordings of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, some are pop records with one theme from Rimsky-Korsakov, and some are other recordings related to the same Arabian Nights tales somehow. I begin with two cheap obscure labels, Acorn and Alshire. Alshire is famous, sort-of, for 101 Strings. Acorn and Alshire both got some recording of R-K’s Scheherazade from somewhere, and put it out on their label. Alshire released it with at least 2 different covers. The economics of classical music is amazing – how there could be 400 different releases of the same music makes no sense to me. But it makes for a nice collection of record covers, generally lame attempts to tie the music to the mysterious Near East.

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  1. Saint Russell says:

    I can tell you where Alshire got their recording: it was part of what they got when they bought the Somerset / Stereo Fidelity masters from DL Miller. I have seen a credit for “Wilhelm Rohr” as the conductor but I’m pretty sure it’s Wilhelm Schüchter conducting the orchestra of NDR (North German Radio) at Hamburg. Those 101 Strings covers that show an orchestra in a concert hall, that’s the Musikhalle in Hamburg. Later on they did most of their recording in London. The Hamburg orchestra is nowadays called NDR Sinfonieorchester, a very distinguished outfit.

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