a few more MG50000s from the 1960s






Again, apologies for misnaming the files ML not MG. From MG50044 to MG50060, of the ones I have, the covers are from the 1960s. These are all of my remaining ones. I don’t think they are reissues of earlier records with different covers. Then in my next post, starting at MG50076, we are back in the 1950s with Maas’ beautiful illustrations. Some of these are designed by Maas, one has his name and photographer Harry Ries listed on the back. The rest don’t say who the designer was, but there had to have been one even if the design was a reproduction of a Dufy print.

Not really great covers, kind of a symptom of the times. The early 1960s were a relatively dull time in graphic arts, awaiting the explosion of 1966-67. If one happened to first start being aware of record covers in that early 1960s period, one would not realize there had been earlier periods of glory, and would think that 1966 was a revelation. That is the thesis of Storm Thorgerson’s book on the record covers of the 1960s.

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One Response to a few more MG50000s from the 1960s

  1. Wlewis3 says:

    the 50060 is the mono edition of stereo recording SR90060. Mercury using up old empty mono series numbers where they matched the stereo equivalents.

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