seven recent acquisitions, probably Steinweiss







Even though I am trying, slowly, to get rid of my collection, I still acquire lps that are Steinweiss, or probably Steinweiss. I no longer buy 78 rpm sets, I really have no room for those. Here are 7 recent acquisitions. The two on Columbia are definite, golden age or just after that. The rest are my best guess to be Steinweiss covers. Or perhaps I just think that any really nice cover is his.

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2 Responses to seven recent acquisitions, probably Steinweiss

  1. Emilio says:

    The covers are very nice, but I really would like to HEAR the Traubel and the Pons LP! Is there any possibility for you to make a transfer? Sadly it is like looking at the finest food but you are not able or allowed to still of your hunger…
    Greetings from Emilio

  2. Paul Morris says:

    I agree these probably are Steinweiss, except the Ketelbey

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