some albums with one song from Gigi




So, full versions of Gigi, Gigi combined with other shows, and now albums with one song from Gigi. Still cashing in – no song from Gigi has made it into the repertory of jazz or lounge singers. So these albums, all from shortly after Gigi came out, are part of an attempt to use a song from Gigi to sell the record. Who wouldn’t want to hear the Stradivari strings play the theme song? The only mention of Gigi is in the song listings. But note how prominent song listings were in pop record cover design at that time. As for the overall designs, they run the gamut of that period – words only on the cover, a picture of the performer, a picture of something totally unrelated but that is thought to help sell records. Gigi is just one part of the words on any of these covers.

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