gigi and my fair lady together again




Popular music in the 1950s was different from what it is today. Gigi came out on the original soundtrack. Other people recorded the entire show, either as an imitation of the soundtrack, or in a different language, or in a different genre like easy listening or jazz. Still other companies used highlights of Gigi combined with other shows. And finally, one of the best known songs from Gigi, typically the song “Gigi” or “Thank Heavens for Little Girls” made its way onto an album of, say, movie songs, in one genre or another. This same process happened to every broadway show and every movie soundtrack that was popular. I don’t think it happens anymore.
Here I show a budget label’s combination of Gigi with My Fair Lady. The cover works for either, I think. Bravo and Grand Prix are obviously the same company.

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One Response to gigi and my fair lady together again

  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    Hey Ken, I’ve been enjoying your “Gigi” series. As it happens, a week or two before you began it I watched the movie for the first time ever, and my first impression was, this is SO derivative of “My Fair Lady!” But I adore Leslie Caron…

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