gigi on Masterseal and Remington







Remington was one of the best budget labels. I have posted some of their covers before – Steinweiss and Curt John Witt designs. Poorly printed (as Steinweiss pointed out to me the one time I talked to him) but good cover designs. Often pretty good music, too. I did not even realize they were still using the name Remington in 1958 or 1959, when these came out. Mostly, they had morphed into Masterseal. Masterseal covers were gaudy photographs that looked like imitation Steinweiss. This one is no exception. I show here the Remington version, the Masterseal monophonic version with two different backs, and the Masterseal stereo version with a sticker to identify stereo. I like the layout. Cheap labels used the same music over and over in different formats, anything to make a buck. Much like big labels.

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