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I once read an interview with cover designer Storm Thorgerson in which he said that he chose the Gigi cover to put on the cover of Umma Gumma sort of at random. I don’t believe it, totally. By the way, I was just informed by a friend that Thorgerson died 10 days ago. He was the first record cover designer I ever cared about, I remember a smoke-induced discussion of him from college, 1975.

Why wasn’t Gigi chosen at random? Because of what a stand-out design it is. 1958 was a decent enough year for design – Steinweiss was at Everest, Decca and London, RCA had a great look still, and many other fine things were happening. But Gigi stands out. The bold logo was used for the movie posters, the sheet music, and the record cover, and it really establishes a brand. I show the original cover, two later reissues that use the same cover, and a much later reissue in which they changed it. All told, it was a high selling record, undoubtedly due to pretty good songs, but also I am sure to great graphics. I wish I knew who did them.

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  1. Michael says:

    I apologize for being three years late to the conversation and if this information has already been posted (I can’t seem to navigate the posted comments), but the original logo for “Gigi” was done by its costume designer, the famed photographer/designer Cecil Beaton, who also did the costumes, etc. for “My Fair Lady” on Broadway. He labeled his costume sketches for the film in that brushwork, and producer Arthur Freed was so fond of the look, he recommended it be used for the marketing campaign of the film, which would have included the LP. This info can be found in the “Gigi” section of “The World of Entertainment” (1974) by Hugh Fordin who later founded DRG Records.

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