a last everest, just for fun, and a steinweiss london


This Everest record is from 1972. I love that Chinese communist graphic sensibility. Sometimes I keep a record cover just because it is so amusing.
The London Steinweiss, and the rest of the posts of today, mark the end of an era. I have now posted all the Steinweiss covers I have that are shelved by designer. A few more might get posted as parts of some other collection. In other words, after two years and more than 1000 records, that’s all there is of my Steinweiss collection. I have another 1000 records that I own just for the covers, and will be posting them. Some are by designer, Maas and Witt being the main two. Others are in various other categories. There aren’t as many collectors of these other things as there are of Steinweiss, and for good reason. But I hope people enjoy them as they appear.

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