Steinweiss at Everest





In 1958 a company called Belock Instruments entered the record market. They made a high quality product – good production, interesting music, and especially good quality covers. They hired Alex Steinweiss to design their entire approach – the labels, the logo, and the covers for at least the next three years, through 1960. This label was called Everest. By the time I was in college, 1972, Everest was a cheap label sold at discount sales only. But they started great. This is the only Everest LPBR 4000 series I have ever seen. I think Steinweiss did all the pages of it. And then LPBR 5001, the first of at least 60 5000 series covers. The one time I spoke to Steinweiss on the phone, 15 years ago, he told me about Everest “I designed all of those”. I don’t know when the “all of” ended exactly, but I do know that every Everest in 1958 and 1959 is by him. It was the last new label he worked for, after 1960 he continued to work for Decca and London but no one else that I know of.

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