anita bryant number 1

Taking a short break from Steinweiss – still have Everest Records and London Records to go.

As mentioned in my post on politics, I collect covers of a particular piece of music to see what different designers do with it. Gigi, Scheherazade, and Anita Bryant. Anita Bryant is not really a piece of music, but rather a type – middle of the road schock. I had to make a decision whether to collect her or Robert Goulet, and went with Bryant partly for reasons of longevity – I believe her career on records lasted longer than his did, and partly because of her political notoriety in the late 1970s. I am not interested in her politics, and it did not influence her cover designs.

As far as I know, I have all but two of her covers to show you. These are the first three, on Carlton records. Carlton was a short-lived label, 1957 to 1964, with definite major label quality about it. Good recording, according to Good covers. I wish I knew who the unheralded cover designers of these three lps were. Especially the first one and the third one, and especially monophonic, are great designs for selling a singer. They make me want to buy them. Bryant went on to Columbia records, and then Word/Myrrh. Those are coming up.

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