words for the last few Decca covers

As noted in an earlier post, Eric Nitsche stopped designing for Decca around 1954. Apparently they continued to use his designs. Some of these look like him, to my mind. Then one is Joe Weitz, and two are Gloria Grattan, both of whom have turned up in earlier posts.

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  1. David A. Powell says:

    I also know nothing about Gloria Grattan, but she painted one of my favorite Decca covers (which I see that you have not posted … but one which is not exactly unknown: DL9919 from 1956). The LP is also one of my favorites in terms of its musical content: Dvorak’s String Quartet in A flat, Op. 105 performed by the Janacek Quartet. I use the word “painted” regarding the cover because this is what it is – a very fine painting. My other occupation – outside recording restorer – is painter, so I can endorse your special interest in the quality of Grattan’s work. The latter was well over the average – even considering the generally high quality of “design” found on many LP covers of the 1950’s and 1960’s. My impression is that many who produced the covers such as those found on Decca, along with other US labels, were also artists working on the side to support their art (and sadly probably not getting paid all that much for their contributions … if my own experience during my N.Y. years was any indication of trends which usually never change). Some may have, of course, been simply designers who basically only did commercial work.. But on the evidence of the above mentioned cover, Grattan’s work could just as well have been found on the wall of a New York gallery in 1956, completely “at home” with many of the works of the so-called “New York School. In any event, Grattan was certainly thorougly in touch with what was going on in the art world during the time she was apparently active. I’d be happy to send you a scan of the cover of DL9919 if you get in touch with me. And thanks for posting all of these fine covers. Unfortunately, I live in Europe now – so I no longer have the luxury of picking these things up for $1 – but you’ve given me some good tips for things to look out for on ebay (for the music AS WELL as the covers).

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