a bit of a mishmash

the first two are repeats. the rest are mostly 10 inch lps on decca and coral, some of them probably steinweiss. a couple corals that are 12 inch lps, that I shelve as non-steinweiss. but the one with all the faces could be his.

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1 Response to a bit of a mishmash

  1. Paul Morris says:

    The William Walton-Bernstein cover is really interesting. It came out in 1952, when Steinweiss was still working with Columbia. It’s a different style from the 1940s–the fractured look of the violin scroll looks more modern, and while the familiar Futura typeface is there, he’s used the very lightest weight, a trend of the time. I own the Lawrence Welk cover and hadn’t thought of Steinweiss, but now I’m looking at it in a new light.

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