a great evening of live music

Hi y’all. I am away from my beloved scanner, and thought I would talk about a great evening’s live music for once. After all, I originally got into record covers because they covered records, and I do love music as well. The first time I was ever swayed by the cover design to buy a record I might not have bought was Horslips Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, with a die-cut cover that looks like a bandoneon. Turns out to be a great record. The first time I ever bought a record just for the cover was 20 years ago, when I bought Steinweiss’ cover to Delius’ concerto on 78 rpm, and Stenweiss’ cover to Francescatti playing Paganini, on lp. Bought them within a month of each other, realized they were by the same designer, and have been hooked ever since.

About the live music. Last night I went to the restaurant Leonardo’s 706 in Gainesville, Florida. It was one of the best nights of music I have ever heard. I was sitting across from my wife, with whom my name has been linked romantically for 30 years. On my left was my father, 88 years old and doing well. 5 feet from him was the accordion player. The beer was the local brew of Gainesville, Swamp Head. The food was good. The music was sensational. The band is the Hot Club de Ville, led by guitarist Marty Liquori. You can look them up on youtube. Obvious Hot Club de France influence. Totally wonderful in person, and I highly recommend them to anyone who hopes to be in Gainesville anytime soon.

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