Steinweiss in the late 1960s

These are six Steinweiss designs on Decca in DL10000 numbers. They seem quite a bit later than the previous posts. The backs read Decca, a division of MCA, Inc. According to
this should date them to 1966 or later. These are clearly Steinweiss, and show a real comeback to me. I find these late 1960s Decca records to be wonderfully inventive covers, not as beautiful as the golden age 1940s sets, but still great stuff.

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One Response to Steinweiss in the late 1960s

  1. Boursin says:

    Decca actually merged with MCA already in 1962, not 1966. And all six of these covers are prior to 1966:

    DL 710062 – January 1963
    DL 10064 – May 1963
    DL 10069 – July 1963
    DL 710084 – May 1964
    DL 710091 – May 1964
    DL 710101 – January 1965 (initially in mono only as DL 10101; this fake stereo issue appeared in February 1969).

    By 1966 they were already at DL (7)10118.

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