some recent acquisitions – more of the history of decca soundtracks

a few things I bought this week. Hooray for library book sale rooms. Most of these are the soundtrack albums that I believe Steinweiss redesigned for Decca in the mid-1950s. They are clearly meant to be a series, in which the graphics are similar enough to make the purchaser of one of them want to buy them all. I just got The Song of Norway, which is a landscape. Landscapes are less common than some images on record covers. And I don’t associate them with Steinweiss at all. So, is this his work or someone else taking his basic layout and applying it to this cover? The Oklahoma cover allows me to show the original and the redesign by Steinweiss. And the King and I fake stereo version show how long this particular piece of music was in print. The original and the Steinweiss mono redesign I have posted already. I also show three versions of the Electronic stereo cover – the printing quality deteriorates, then they redesign it for a more modern taste. But they keep the original photograph, which I believe to be Steinweiss’ work even if he did not snap the shutter.

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