my first Decca DL9400s by Steinweiss

As I said in the last post, Decca’s use of numbers in the 9000 range is confusing. After the 9000-9100 series ends with the few early 60s ones in the last post, the numbers that I have skip to above 9400. These are also early 60s I think. These three are apparently Steinweiss designs, and all three are shown with their backs, which are clever redesigns of the fronts, a Steinweiss kind of idea.

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1 Response to my first Decca DL9400s by Steinweiss

  1. Boursin says:

    Some clarifications from a longtime Decca (and Steinweiss) fan who has browsed through the blog with squeals of delight (thanks!).

    The DL 9400 series started already in November 1957, by which time the 9000/9100 series had only reached about DL 9050. So it is not a continuation of the latter. And the 9100s definitely did not end in the early 1960s, as you suggest. They ran all the way to DL 79190 (John Entwistle’s “Whistle Rymes”) in 1972, shortly before the Decca label itself was discontinued.

    The 9000/9100 series was for spoken word recordings, movie soundtracks, original cast albums and suchlike, although it became more mixed towards the end. The 9400 series was the “Gold Label Series” as is printed on the records, and was mostly classical.

    Decca also had a short jazz series that ran from DL 9200 (April 1958) to DL 79248 (October 1970).

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