nine more, less certain about a number of them

these are nine more covers that I attribute to Steinweiss. I am less certain of some of them than I have been on recent posts.

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2 Responses to nine more, less certain about a number of them

  1. Paul Morris says:

    I agree on the Sousa Marches, for the colors. Both the Carmen Cavallaro and the wonderfully named Bagels and Bongos have the strong diagonal layout he liked. The drawings on The Sound of Music could be his. The others are pretty uninspiring.

    • recordcovers says:

      yes, none of these seem incredibly strong candidates for Steinweiss. Bagels and Bongos is surprisingly a great record musically, as is More Bagels and Bongos. Someone even reissued the first one on CD. There is also one called Bongos and Pizza, or something similar. I no longer attempt to buy covers as remote from Steinweiss as these ones are.

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