nine more decca steinweiss covers

the next nine, Decca DL8400s. I don’t know that all of them are steinweiss designs, but some of them definitely are.

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2 Responses to nine more decca steinweiss covers

  1. Paul Morris says:

    I agree on the Ethel Smith, Goombah, and Frank Perkins, and of course the polka album with the scrawl. I hope George Siravo is by him, because I love the vacuum cleaner, but I don’t know–the portraits make no sense, and there’s no sure thing pointing to Steinweiss. You see a surprising number of polka albums that use polka dots on the cover–the designers had no shame.

    • recordcovers says:

      It is the portraits making no sense that leads me to Steinweiss on this. His Everest covers were often portraits like these, and the playfulness of the frames and the poses reminds me of those.

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