brazen brass, henry jerome and his orchestra, steinweiss covers

One of the great pleasures of collecting anything is getting a complete set. These, I believe, are all of the Henry Jerome and his Orchestra records on Decca, all but one of them called Brazen Brass. As I have said before in this survey of possible Steinweiss covers in the Decca DL 4000 series, I am not certain of my identification of Steinweiss every time. I am pretty sure these are all Steinweiss layouts. I think the drawings on DL 4106 – Brazen Brass Plays Songs Everybody Knows are not by Steinweiss, but the design might be. The rest of them I am almost positive about. Decca Mono issues are DL4000s, Stereo are DL74000s. I only have them both in one case – the first Brazen Brass lp. Very little difference, although I usually prefer the mono covers. I also show an Argentine issue of that first Brazen Brass lp. Elements of the design are by Steinweiss, but the overall layout is not his in my opinion, and is not as good, either.

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3 Responses to brazen brass, henry jerome and his orchestra, steinweiss covers

  1. Donna says:

    I wonder if you can direct me to a website where I could find more information on a 3 record set I have (Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration, Leopold Stokowski conducting The New York City Symphony Orchestra, Victor Red Seal Records, amazing cover art by Frank Decker). Since I don’t own a record player, I’m not even certain if the records play. It was the artwork that drew me in. Would love to learn more about this set! Thanks, Donna

  2. Karel says:

    Brazen Brass zings the strings and Brazen brass New sounds in folk music are Steinweiss (see Taschen book)

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