remington records steinweiss with musirama

Starting sometime in 1952 or 1953 remington records put stickers on their front covers. some of these are fairly unobtrusive little gold stickers. And some of them are triangles in the lower right corner that say “Musirama”. Various covers exist in more than one format – before the stickers, with the little stickers but not the Musirama triangle, with the Musirama triangles as stickers, and with the Musirama triangle printed right on. From the standpoint of a lover of graphic design, the covers without stickers are the best versions. The Musirama triangles do an injustice to the designs they are on.

all of these are Steinweiss covers – some with Musirama hurting (or ruining) the beauty. One of these is shown in two versions – Musirama triangle sticker and Musirama printed right on. I don’t know which is worse.

I also don’t know what Remington records was thinking. Is “Musirama” a selling point?

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