collecting record covers: 6 deccas in one shot

The titel of this blog is Collecting Record Covers. But all I have shown for 10 months is some of what I have collected, not how it was collected. The things I have posted have mostly been Alex Steinweiss covers, and a few other designers from the 1st Golden Age of record covers, 1945 to 1950 (say).

this past weekend I was in Chicago. I made it to four or five thrift shops. In one of them, someone’s collection of Decca promotional copies from the mid-1950s appeared. $1 each. the condition of the records was poor, and many of the covers were no better. I picked up six of them. I lined them up against the wall at the motel and enjoyed them no end. I wish you could see them in person, instead of in scans. Here are those six covers – two probably Erik Nitsche, two probably Steinweiss, and two signed – one by Joe Weitz (whose work occasionally fools me into thinking it is Steinweiss) and one by Gloria Grattan, a wholly original talent. all within a year of each other, probably 1954 or thereabouts.

So – if you want to pursue your own interest in record covers – go to thrift shops. Make sure your interest is not David Stone Martin or Blue Note – you won’t find them more than once every five years. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to collecting record covers: 6 deccas in one shot

  1. Paul Morris says:

    I’d say the 1st is definitely Nitsche, the 2nd probably Nitsche. That 3rd one, I don’t know. I don’t see a Piedra Blanca signature. Steinweiss used such a variety of styles at Decca that possibly it’s his. I know what you mean about Joe Weitz–sometimes seems like a Steinweiss clone.

  2. Both the first and second are definitely Nitsche designs.

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