steinweiss, witt, einhorn – early Remington records

R-199-7 is my earliest Remington- paper cover and 1950 on the back. RLP instead of just R in the catalog number. I have named all the images R, for consistency. Even the earliest covers were drawn and pretty, even if the layout was not always wonderful. I don’t know who did R-199-7.

Remington reissued their works often. One can tell 1950-1951 from 1952-1953 by the absence (early) or presence (late) of the stripe down the left side of the front cover. The stripe was designed by Steinweiss, so all Remingtons after 1952 are Steinweiss sort of, even if he did not do the illustration.

Of the others shown here, Steinweiss did the Scheherazade, one is signed Witt who is Curt John Witt, and one is signed Einhorn about whom I know nothing. The Einhorn is a reissue of the earlier Witt cover.

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