remington records – steinweiss and curt john witt

Remington Records apparently began in 1950. The earliest covers were paper, and I will show one of those soon. Remington often repackaged the classical recorings released by other discount labels, and used some of the same artwork.

Here I show my lowest number Remingtons. R-99-004 had this first cover in 1951. It is unsigned, but looks like Curt John Witt (Design House), one of my favorite designers. In 1952 Remington hired Steinweiss to redesign the entire look of their line. He did the stripe down the left of the front cover, the label, some elements of the back cover, and the logo. 004’s 1953 release shows the Steinweiss design. although I say the drawing may be Witt, I am less sure of this.

This copy of R-99-004 dates from 1953. The overall design is Steinweiss, and so is the illustration. Then 006 is shown in two color variants from 1951. The design is by Witt.

I show

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One Response to remington records – steinweiss and curt john witt

  1. Paul Morris says:

    The 2nd Dvorak is by Witt, based on the calligraphy inside the globe.

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