Andy Warhol’s earliest record covers and Paul Marechal’s book

One of the very best books on record covers is Andy Warhol, The Record Covers 1949-1987 by Paul Marechal. This book and the one on Robert Crumb’s covers are the only ones to be even close to complete on a particular designer. Of course, it would be impossible to be a completist on Alex Steinweiss, who designed 2500 covers, not counting all the variants that I have shown. Nevertheless, Marechal’s achievement is remarkable. He has every major design except one he learned about too late, and one that nobody knows.
The one nobody knows is from a contract that Warhol got to do the drawings for three lps for Columbia. All of them are the squares of colors designs. Experts have identified two of them, but not the third one.
I show my own copy of ML4247, Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky. My copy is green, but a different shade than the one Marechal shows. He says the cover exists in Pink and Orange as well. Ebay has a copy in pale blue also.
The other one I show is a blue grey copy of ML 2080. Marechal shows it in yellow green. This is not my record, I got the image online.
I bought my copy for $1.00 at a thrift shop. Which, by the way, is part of what this blog is about – record covers can be collected very cheaply, even ones by famous artists sometimes.
The book says the third Warhol design is lost to us. I would like to point out the similarity of Darrill Connelly’s art to Warhol’s on these covers – particularly to the ML 2080 design. It is possible that one of the drawings on the covers I have attributed to Connelly is a Warhol image. It is also possible that Connelly was an influence on Warhol’s designs for these covers – in order to fulfill this, Warhol’s first known commission, Warhol looked at the work being done by Connelly for the series.

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3 Responses to Andy Warhol’s earliest record covers and Paul Marechal’s book

  1. Rockdoc999 says:

    As a collector of record cover art, particularly covers bybAlex Steinweiss (who died on 17th July 2011, 94 years old) and Andy Warhol I thought I knew a fair amount about both. However, I had never heard of Darrill Connelly till I read about him here. So thanks a million. There two recent books on Steinweiss’ art. A paperback by Jennifer McKnight- & Steinweiss (2000) called simply “For the Record” and Steven Heller’s exhaustive “Alex Steinweiss – Inventor of the Modern Record Cover” published by Taschen in 2008. Steinweiss contributed to this one too.
    For lists of my own Steinweiss, Warhol, Peter Blake, Klaus Voormann, Rob Jones and Banksy’s record cover art check out and click on the particular list.
    I’ll do more research on Darrie

  2. Krister says:

    Hello there i am trying to find a good place to link to a auction i am selling with a small swedish band that Andy Warhol Did the coverart. It was pressed in probebly maximum 300 copies. And it was one of his last works 1984. The reason why he did the coverart was that one of the bandmembers father knowed andy warhol and asked him if he wanted to do the cover. So here is a directlink to the Auction i have up. And to see that this is true that andy did the coverart go to this url
    Happy bidding.;)

  3. JC says:

    Could Columbia ML 4389 Shostakovitch and Prokofiev be a Warhol Design, it has that
    blotted use of Warhol and the Movement…Can’t Find to Much about it, It looks in Connelly squared range, but is not signed. Any help would be great. Im trying to intact my warhol series.
    cheers love the site.

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