CL640 Percy Faith Colombian pressing

I believe this cover is by Darrill Connelly. What makes it interesting is that it is issued by a company in Colombia, S.A. The record looks identical to the American issue, even to the materials it is made from. The label is a slightly unusual shade of red. The back cover carries a legend saying it is from Colombia. It fits in here because I am about to show a whole bunch of Darrill Connelly covers. He is one of the unsung greats of cover design, in my opinion.

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One Response to CL640 Percy Faith Colombian pressing

  1. Elaine Luckett says:

    Hi. This is Elaine, Darrill’s wife. Thank you for putting together this collection of Darrill’s designs. It’s very exciting. He wanted me to tell you that Andy Warhol’s third album cover was “Coppelia”, a ballet.

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