alex steinweiss in memoriam 7: Everest Records

Steinweiss designed for Everest for only two years, 1958-1960. The one time I spoke with him on the phone, 14 years ago, he told me that he had done all of the Everest covers. There is a point after which this is not true – perhaps around number 60 of each series – LPBR6060, SDBR3060, and so forth. The earliest ones are attributed on the back, the words Cover Design Alex Steinweiss appear on all the ones shown here, except LPBR5001. After about number 25 of each series his name does not appear, but he does seem to have still designed them. He did the overall look of the covers, the logo, and the labels. The company survived for many years after 1960, becoming progressively cheaper until it was a budget label. Many of these covers remained in print for a number of years.

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2 Responses to alex steinweiss in memoriam 7: Everest Records

  1. scottlindberg says:

    Just to muddy the water a little bit … I have a few Everest covers from 1958 that credit Steinweiss.

  2. scottlindberg says:

    … but I suppose I should have read the dates you posted better. Oops … that’s what you said (I misread 1958 as 1959). I’d love to hear more about your conversations with Steinweiss.

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