columbia sticker covers ML 4080s

Columbia released many albums in quasi-generic covers that had a sticker in the upper left or upper right that imitated the 78 rpm set. many of these had something to do with Alex Steinweiss, but I don’t know if he drew the stickers or someone else did based on his full-sized designes. The covers are very heavy paper stock. ML4083 does not look like Steinweiss to me, but ML4086 does. ML4089 I have shown before, with many other variants – Steinweiss’ lp cover, Steinweiss’ 78 rpm cover, and Darril Connelly’s lp cover. I repeat some of those here, but the first three are new scans of duplicate copies. As far as I can see, the only differences are in the centering of the text on the cover.
I have been away for three weeks, and will try to make up for it by posting a lot of stuff in the next few days.

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