Quiet Music – early Columbia CL/GL series lps, 1951 to 1953

Two great websites to recommend:
gives a history of the first 100 Columbia CL/GL issues, 1951 to 1955. The site says the first 24 were GL, and then starting in 1953 they switched them all to CL. They also say that the original covers of the Quiet Music series were various photos of a couple, and the reissues were the series cover showing a female model lying on the floor, with different colors of border. These two things contradict each other, as the female model on the floor covers are GL, and the couple covers are CL. A mystery. Nevertheless, here are my copies of a few of these covers, and the remainder of these covers can be seen on that site in fairly small sizes.
is more of a general blog on record covers that the blogger likes. The images there are bigger, and I have added a few of them here. Credit to that site.

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