a few more Columbia CL 12 inch lps

Two different Columbia lps in the CL500 series, albeit in the 700s. The Irving Berlin one does not merit much comment, one of my least favorite signed Steinweiss covers. It probably exists without the Kostelanetz medallion as well.

The Mitropoulos conducts Ippolitov-Ivanov and Borodin is more noteworthy. First of all, it is a fun design. Secondly, Steinweiss used a new signature for it, one done in Steinweiss scrawl font. Thirdly, it first came out in the Masterworks line, used for classical music. Which is where it belongs – Mitropoulos? I-I and Borodin? These are classical things. Why Columbia later reissued it as a CL is marketing I guess. I don’t own the original, ML 4815, so I show the best version I could find online, which is not very good. Classic Sound has this lp available to listen to, at
He says it came out in 1953.

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